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With the BRS parachutes, most bridles and additional parts are now included in the retail price. However, there are still a small number of units that still require additional parts that are not included in our prices.

Important information related to BRS pricing and selection:

   2. Softpack HD (HD=High Density) units are systems built with a fabric exterior container, like other softpack models, BUT which are pressure packed (unlike other softpack models, which are NOT pressure packed).
   3. 1500 Softpack HD are only sold directly from the BRS factory.
   4. Repack cycles assume excellent care by the owner; some climates demand weight inspection earlier; six years ONLY if seal intact.
   5. Years between CANOPY repacks. NOTE: Six-year repack for softpacks ASSUMES unit is mounted internally and not exposed to ANY wind or weather! Exterior softpacks need annual repack.
   6. Current rocket motors have a 12-year life until replacement is needed. SOME ROCKET ASSEMBLY IS REQUIRED UNDER U.S. AND INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING REGULATIONS.
   7. All weights are AVERAGE figures. Systems vary slightly depending on exact mounting hardware included.
   8. All dimensional figures shown on the price list are in inches. “Round” numbers relate to the cylindrical canister.
   9. BRS-900 and BRS-1050 also come in 8-inch diameter canisters and are 18.5 inches long.

General Notes:
• More specifications are available on product brochures.
• On the price list, bridles and additional parts are included in the prices for all units (with a few rare exceptions).
• Shipping is $150 per unit in the United States. International shipping is “collect.” All tariffs, duties and taxes are paid by the customer.
• All prices are in U.S. dollars. Checks and Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted. BRS does not offer credit terms, that is, all units must be 100 percent paid at tme of order placement.  No exceptions.
• All prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

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