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Warranty and Photo Registration  
To receive important BRS safety information, please provide BRS with your name, address, phone number and BRS serial number via e-mail or by phone.

BRS terms and conditions

Photo Registration Requirement
Once your BRS installation is completed, BRS owners are required to send photographs depicting the installation directly to the factory. If photos are not returned, the limited warranty will not be extended.

Photographs that must be sent include:
• The mounting of the Canister, VLS or Softpack and rocket assembly on your aircraft;
• The routing of the steel cable, Kevlar or nylon bridles;
• The routing and securing of the activating handle housing; and
• The direction the rocket will fire relative to the airframe. That is, you must show a view illustrating the direction of rocket discharge to ascertain it will not be blocked by fuselage structure, fuselage covering, tail structure, propeller arc or other airframe or engine components that could conceivably cause a failed deployment if the BRS-5 is activated.

These photographs should be sent as soon as the installation is completed to the engineering department at BRS. Please submit this information to

While we require that you send us these photographs, we do want to thank you for doing this. By sending BRS these photos, you are protecting both of us. The photos are the final “Quality Control” check.

The inspection of the photos is done free of charge to you. If you do not submit verification, you incur the risk that the system may fail to work properly which could cause injury.

Photo registration is required even if a BRS dealer or distributor installed your BRS parachute.

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