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BRS Quality Policy: It is the policy of Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRS) to engineer, manufacture, sell, and deliver exceptionally reliable, innovative, and high quality safety and aerospace products


Industrial Engineer 
Location NC

The applicant Industrial engineer will determine the most effective ways for an organization to use the basic factors of production - people, machines, materials, information, and energy - to make or process a product or produce a service. The applicant will be the bridge between management goals and operational performance. The mani goal is increasing productivity through the management of people, methods of business organization, and technology than are engineers in other specialties, who generally work more with products or processes. 

To solve organizational, production, and related problems most efficiently, the applicant should be able to: 
Study the product and its requirements
Use mathematical methods to meet product requirements
Design manufacturing and information systems
Develop management control systems for financial planning and cost analysis
Design production planning and control systems to coordinate activities and control product quality
Design or improve systems for the physical distribution of goods and services
Determine which plant location has the best combination of raw materials availability, transportation, and costs
Develop wage and salary administration systems and job evaluation programs 

Responsibilities of IE:

Planning layouts
Monitoring Production flow system
Deicide the machines and attachments for all style
Pay system
Monitoring and improve the operator performance
Operator training
Production control system
Quality control

The applicant should be:
energetic, be able to work with others, be able to set and work with dead lines,
results oriented, accountability a must.
Bilingual English/Spanish a plus ( not mandatory)

Please respond via email with to:

380 Airport Rd   South Saint Paul MN 55075-3551
Phone: 651-457-7491    FAX: 651-457-8651
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