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BRS 6 Descriptions

Check list for installing an Emergency Parachute System in your light sport aircraft.

1) Make sure the parachute meets the ASTM standard for airframe emergency parachutes.

2) Coordinate with the parachute manufacturer to ensure a proper installation.

ALL BRS 6 Parachutes are ASTM compliant

  BRS Canister
The shape that defines Sport aircraft.
Small light weight fast opening, weights from 600 lbs to 1500.

  BRS VLS (Vertical Launch System)
No room inside the airframe?

Use this on the exterior best for Pusher aircraft and for wing top mount.
ASTM Compliant

  BRS 1350 High Speed system
Choice for faster aircraft and can be mounted internally.

Light Sport Aircraft to be ASTM Compliant:
“6.3.1 Coordination-Airframe and parachute manufactures must coordinate to ensure proper installation.  Airframe manufactures of light sport aircraft-special (fully built) must not alter the installation without consulting the parachute system manufacture.  For light aircraft –experimental (kit builder), the parachute manufacturer shall work with the new original equipment manufacturer, the aircraft builder, or the aircraft owner to create a proper installation design. 

  BRS 1350 LSA
  BRS Product Family

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